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Anonymous said: Caan I have a link to your profile? I would to see what is causing all these ridiculous messages.

Although it says, “Stupid Messages I Get on Dating Sites”, this is actually a compilation of messages both I as well as other girls have decided to post. They weren’t all caused by one particular profile.

At first I thought this was from the Aristocats. However, this is actually from Heroes. Motherfucker can make it hot on sunny days.

If you want someone you can’t communicate with who has traits just like yours, go buy a fucking mirror.

This is so terrible that I thought this was a quote from some Will Ferrell movie. It wasn’t. In fact, this isn’t a quote of anything. FML

Because being ignored feels slightly better when you know it’s by a real person?

Dude, you look like you need to eat, period.

More like “Pow dicka ow ow.”

I apologize to all of my readers for this terrible, terrible joke.